Thursday, January 24

Crafts/DIY: Valentine's Day Bottle

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Instead of using envelopes to tuck your love letters in, why don't you upcycle a glass bottle and use that?

It so happens that I have lots of Starbucks Frappuccino glass bottles lying around. Yes, I was once addicted to their contents. I kept the bottles because they're glass and I love the size. And you know me, I don't throw away cute stuff even if they're just containers.

So I cleaned one up. I used Goo Gone for the sticky substance left by the clear sticker, like the way I did here. I created a template using the Love Park in Philadelphia as inspiration. I used pink card stock for the Love Park template. My life would have been easier using an electronic cutter, but yes, I manually cut it myself. Haha. Then I tied it up using pink/white twine from Divine Twine and an apple green paper clip.

Want the template? Here is the link.

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