Monday, January 7

Stationery Love: Sunnyblooms by Amy Butler

If you are an avid crafter, chances are, you know who Amy Butler is. She is an amazing artist, crafter, and fabric designer extraordinaire. Last Christmas, I got a box set of Amy Butler's Sunnyblooms from my sister. I was ecstatic.

It comes in this flip top box. I love product boxes that you can keep after... like this one. It's just too pretty to throw away, and besides, it's very sturdy to use again.

The set has 20 correspondence cards and envelopes. The cards are postcard-like. They come in 4 designs and each one has 5 cards. In true Amy Butler fashion, the patterns are flowery and bright.

The envelopes have a very light blue but fairly distinguishable leafy pattern. The back of each correspondence card also has the same color scheme as the envelopes but the pattern is different -- it looks like paisleys.

The prints, up close.

I don't know about you, but these prints just make me happy.

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  1. Love her too Mommy g! In fact the number art work in Aidan's room is from her decor line! I also once gave a baby bag to my sister-in-law designed by her. :-)

    1. Cool! :) Is it in your blog?

    2. The number art is, I think with the tag Windsor home or kids stuff. The bag isnt. :-(


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