Saturday, September 7

Food: The GoNuts Donuts Cookie Butter and My Breakfast

When Allie and I attended the SM Kids' Fashion event last week, we took home a jar of creamy cookie butter from GoNuts Donuts. Yep, they now have their own line of spreads: Creamy Cookie Butter, Crunchy Cookie Butter, Choco Hazelnut, Creamy Choco Cookie Butter and Crunchy Choco Cookie Butter.

via GoNuts Donuts

It's as creamy as Speculoos Cookie Butter, but it's less sweet, which I like. Well, I was in the mood for an Elvis burger that time. An Elvis burger is a regular burger that has fried bananas, bacon and peanut butter. It may sound weird but I tell you, it is amazing. But since it was breakfast, all we had were pandesal, bacon, and fried bananas ... and of course, a jar of GoNuts Donuts Cookie Butter. So I came up with this.

It was pretty good! I can't wait to have it again tomorrow. Haha.
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  1. I have to try that, Ging! Medyo 'weird' combination nga but i will take your word for it. ;)

    1. Go Peachy! Let me know what you think.

  2. The Elvis burger sounds dreamy. I'll add that to my "must eat" list. haha.

    1. You have to try it! My husband introduced me to it, and I am hooked.

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I love Go Nuts Donuts cookie butter! I like that it's not too sweet unlike the other cookie butter and it's made from the Philippines kaya mas masarap! :)

    Ay made in the Phils nga ba'to? LOL!


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