Tuesday, September 17

Traveling with a Two-Year Old on a Plane

My little family of three took a quick getaway to Boracay, hailed as the Top 2 on the list of Travel & Leisure's World's Best Islands. It was our first time flying with Allie on a plane with her OWN seat. Before, we can get infant on lap airline tickets, but now that she's two, that was not an option anymore.

The ride to Boracay only took about an hour, but I had to come prepared for anything. Aside from the essentials like bottles and extra diapers, here are the things I found very useful to bring.

1. Books

My biggest concern was how she'll react to sitting on a big chair (at least for her) alone with the seatbelt on. We gave her entertainment and food to distract her from taking off her seatbelt. I forgot to bring some of her books, so I had to improvise. Luckily, there was an in-flight magazine available. Allie has a thing for reading letters, so I showed her the headlines and let her read them.

2. Snacks

I got some of her favorite snacks in case she got hungry -- m&m's, wafers and pan de sal. Domestic flights usually don't have free snacks but you can always bring stuff in. In our case, snacks doubled as backup for making Allie forget her seatbelt.

3. Lightweight, Absorbent Towel

Every time we travel, even just by car, we always make sure we bring towels. She usually vomits when the ride gets bumpy or when we're stuck in bad traffic, so I knew there was a huge possibility that she'll throw up in the plane. I brought a handy bath towel that's lightweight but absorbent. You know the microfiber kind? Yep, that's the one. I was so glad I brought it because motion sickness bags and toddlers kind of don't get along. And yes, she did throw up -- twice! In the plane and in the tricycle on the way to the hotel. I was so glad that I brought the towel with me. By the way, don't forget to bring a plastic bag to put the soiled towel in, and wash it immediately (or soak it in water and soap) once you get to the hotel.

4. Medicine

I got a list of important medicine to bring when traveling from Allie's pediatrician. During our last airplane trip, I brought everything. This time, since we were just traveling locally, I figured there's bound to be a drugstore there that will have toddler medicine. So I only took with me medication that Allie would probably need immediately: paracetamol. I really don't know why I picked paracetamol. I left the rest at home.

5. Favorite Toy

In Allie's case, it's one of her favorite dolls. She loves pretending to take care of the doll. Allie feeds her with a toy bottle, swaddles her with a hand towel, and says good night to the doll when she's sleepy. Pair it with the milk bottle, and they become the magical recipe for transforming grumpy Allie to calm Allie.

What about you moms? Do you have a list of things you bring when you travel?

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