Friday, September 20

Fashion: J.Crew Baby

I am a super fan of J.Crew. They have this store called Crewcuts that carry girls' and boys' apparel. I've been waiting for Allie to grow up so she fits Crewcuts. Haha. I've been wishing that J.Crew make their own baby clothing line, and my wish was granted. J.Crew Baby is out! It makes me want to have another baby.

Visit J.Crew Baby

Look at how cute their baby tunics are. I love the black and white hearts one.

Look, they have Petit Bateau and Oeuf too.

... and Salt-water baby sandals.

You know what's missing though? Stuff for toddlers.
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  1. exactly what I was thinking - hmm, Ging wants to have another baby! hahaha!


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