Tuesday, January 22

Food: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

There's a new cupcake shop in town. Probably not that new anymore since there are multiple branches popping up around the metro. It's called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.

I first heard about this shop from my sister last year. She got a few because she thought their packaging was cute. So I first tasted their cupcakes without seeing the actual store. I had a chance to visit the TriNoma branch sometime last year -- probably around Halloween, I forget. At first glance, this cupcake shop looked like a grown-up scale girl doll house. It's Cath Kidston meets retro diner.

But I'll talk about the interiors later. Food first. Haha. Here are their cupcake and cookie lists.

Look at the yummy goodness. They even used decorating tips as part of their display.

I got the Vanilla Chocolate cupcake. Pretty good I must say. :-)

They serve each table a carafe of water. I use carafes in our home too instead of the usual glass pitcher. They are awesome if you have little space in your fridge and on your table.

They also have cute little cupcake candles like this on their tables.

Chairs make a space. In the tiny space that Vanilla Cupcake Bakery occupies, it made use of Ghost chairs with chair pads that reminded me of Dorothy.

Soft armed chairs with the same fabric and white piping, and pops of color from the Daphne chairs.

Yes, the Daphnes are originals.

The space is surrounded by a white picket fence. Very cute, but probably the best part of it all for me is the refrigerator. It's a Smeg!

Here are some dainty displays...

... their buffet table --

-- where they displayed cake stands and shakers.

They even have adorable cupcake packaging so you can get some yummies to go.

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  1. what a cute store! And those cupcakes do look yummy. I love the acrylic chair the most and of course, the SMEG! :-)

    1. I love your ghost chairs more. :)

    2. I love those too!!!!

  2. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Which branch is this in? :)

    1. This one is in Trinoma. I don't know if it's still there, because the last time I went, it seemed like they were bound to open a bigger store at the restaurant strip area.


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