Monday, August 19

Toddler: Flower Girl on a Sunday Afternoon

A cousin of mine got married one Sunday afternoon. Allie was one of the flower girls. The motif the chose was teal and gold.

My mom, my sisters and I got dolled up by Kim Tan-Rodriguez, the fab artist behind the Beauty Addict blog. This was our second time getting her as our make-up artist for a wedding. Haha, isn't it obvious we like her so much?

My mom's and Allie's dresses were custom made by the same one who did my cousin's bridal gown. As for my dress and my sisters', we wore mint and they were all retail. From left to right: on Sasa, Topshop; on Veronica, Miss Selfridge; on me, Banana Republic BR Monogram.

Allie got so excited to wear her dress because it was so shiny and puffy. Parang ballgown ang peg ng skirt ng dress niya!

We arrived at the church an hour early. Here we are playing with my sister's gold clutch.

The flower girls were each given a tiny metal blue pail filled with flowers. It was cute but a bit on the heavy side. Here's Allie sitting near the blue carpet playing with the flowers. Haha.

Daddy E and I were candle sponsors. I love the giant match stick igniters. I prefer this over the traditional matches -- I have a hard time lighting matches.

Allie just loves flowers. She played with the petals all throughout the ceremony. A good way for kids to pass the time and not get bored. Well, aside from playing with the flowers, she took off her shoes and went under the pews. Uh oh.

The wedding reception was held at Taste of L.A., a little restaurant down in Morato area. We were seated at the balcony area. Allie was overlooking the bride and groom behind the glass upstairs. I think it was a good seat plan because Allie was noisy. Haha.

I think she enjoyed the food. Mmmmmhmmm.

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  1. Allie is a cutie in her gown. Ganda ng color combination! :)

  2. Super cutee Allie - a natural with the camera! You look grogeous Ging and the rest of the ladies in the pic! I just got a moss green maxi in the style of your dress!!!! Hahaha, 'birds of the same feather nga naman..';-)


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