Wednesday, August 21

Event: Freehand Calligraphy at the Scribble Workshop

Last weekend, my sister and I braved the rain and went to Kitchen's Best Home Patisserie at Bonifacio Global City to join the Scribble Workshop. It was hosted by Alexis of Ink Scribbler. It was our second time to join a calligraphy workshop; we had our first with Fozzy's Calligraphy Play. Now, it's all about freehand cursive calligraphy.

I learned about the Scribble Workshop from Fozzy. When she shared the workshop details, I immediately sent an email to Alexis saying I wanted to join. Good thing too because the slots filled up so fast, one of my sister's friends who wanted in wasn't able to join.

It was the first ever Scribble Workshop so I was thrilled to get a spot. Sure, I attended a calligraphy workshop before, but I haven't been practicing, so you could say I'm still a beginner much like the first-timers. Hehe.

Here we are inside the function room.

First image above from Ink Scribbler
Alexis supplied us with the tools we needed. We did pencil and pen drills. Then we wrote and wrote and wrote. Time flew by quickly because we had sooo much fun.

Writing with the flexible nib really takes time to get used to. But once you do, it's like riding a bike. You won't forget when you need to put pressure and when not to. All you have to worry about is if you're using a new nib. Each kind of nib feels different. At least for me.

I highly recommend joining Alexis' Scribble Workshop. Follow her on facebook to know when her next workshop will be. And folks, do NOT hesitate signing up, because it really does fill up quickly.

Image from Ink Scribbler

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  1. That's so awesome that you were able to attend a calligraphy workshop. It looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if we offer something similar in my area. I would love to grab a few girlfriends and go. Thanks for sharing your day.


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