Tuesday, August 13

Fashion: Those Melissima Shoes

The first time I saw these shoes from the Melissa x Karl Lagerfeld collection, I fell in love with it.

I was determined to get the black jelly patent  Melissima from Geleia, the store here that carries Melissa shoes. I went to the Trinoma branch. I saw it on display. I was so excited to finally try it and confirm its comfort.

Then I asked the store associate for my size. They said Melissima only come up to a size 8. Meaning, the store didn't stock up on the size 9. I was so disappointed because I know they carry this style bigger sizes in other countries. You see, I wear a size 9 -- a pretty common size internationally, but here not so much. It's considered giant's feet. Sigh.

I can buy it from Saks Fifth Avenue or Shopbop. They sell it at $145 + tax, far more than the price they sell it here in Manila. Don't ask me why it's cheaper here because I don't know why. It just sucks that I can't get one.

Maybe I should just suck it up and pay extra just to have it. I might do just that.

Sorry for the rant. xo - Frustrated Melissima Lover
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  1. HI Ging! Were you able to try their size 8? I find that in some of Melissa's styles the sizing is big. For example, I'm a size 5 but in some of their shoe styles the size 5 is a bit loose on my feet.

    1. Cris, yeah. Melissima size 8s are soft, sarap sa feet, but I feel that they are still short. Sigh.


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