Thursday, August 1

Books: What I Used to Read

Speaking of Throwback Thursdays, I have here some books I used to read when I was still a tweener slash teenager. There were no vampires or gods or witches in them just yet.

1. Sweet Valley Kids / Twins / High / University and all kinds of Sweet Valley. What 80's to 90's girl skipped this reading phenomenon? Almost everyone I knew in my generation read these, or saw someone reading them. They even made a Sweet Valley High TV series because it was that popular. Think a milder version of The Lying Game.

This was my very, very first Sweet Valley book.
Image from Amazon

2. Sweet Dreams: Who could ever forget that tugging feeling or that kilig factor when you read Sweet Dreams? My favorites are P.S. I Love You and Wrong-Way Romance -- probably you too. I never did complete the series, and just thinking about it now makes me want to have my complete set in my iBooks. Please Bantam, can you make a digital version so I can buy it?

Image from goodreads
3. Nancy Drew (those yellow hard-bound ones): Mystery always fascinated me, especially these light-hearted ones.

They're hardbound!
Image from The Indie Librarian

What books did you read growing up?

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  1. We read the same books!!!!! Did not read much Sweet Valley though but I read all the Nancy Drew books, some Bobsy twins and of course Sweet Dreams!

    1. You know, I've never read Bobbsey Twins.

  2. I loved Sweet Valley! I would read and reread the books over and over again. haha.

    1. Did you read Sweet Valley Confidential? :P

  3. Read the same books! I guess it's pretty obvious we belong to the same generation. Hehehe. I loved Bobbsey Twins and Hardy Boys books too! What was nice then, the school lib rents these books out so I was able to read the entire series without breaking my parents' wallets :)

    1. Nice! I didn't have the patience to wait on the availability of these books sa lib. Grabe they're always out.

  4. caterwauler11:34 AM

    Loved reading those books too! :) I also read The Babysitters Club and Fear Street. My fave author then was Judy Blume :)


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