Monday, August 12

Interior: H&M Home 2014 Simple Living Picks

I'm sure you must have heard about it now. H&M has their own line of home decor, and they are just gorge! You can also now shop online US folks, yipee!

Look at the Simple Living collection. It's a casual combination of raw and soft textures with a mix of washed materials and neutrals with graphic prints. Here are my picks.

1 Shower curtain $19.95: This white, water-repellent polyester shower curtain is printed with the partial New York City map. I love how it is 79" long, longer than the standard 6 feet.

2 Soap dispenser $7.95: This one is matchy-matchy with the shower curtain. I love the way it looks.

3 Bath mat $9.95: The print reminded me of my DIY bus roll. The bath mat is made from thick cotton terry with jacquard-weave motif. What's not to love?

4 Candle $5.95: What had me is the no-nonsense label. The white glass diffuses the candle light and it's unscented so it's perfect for an intimate table setting.

5 Linen cushion cover $17.95: I have a weakness for washed linen cushion covers with simple prints like this. It reminds me of Victoria Grayson's wingback chair from the TV show Revenge. Well, just kinda.

6 Storage basket $12.95-$14.95: Made from woven jute, these baskets have a simple stencil print at the front. It also has a plastic lining, and the top and two handles have metal trims for stability. These will look great in a little boy's room.

Okay, more good news. Until August 22, you can get a hold of their opening offers like cushion covers for only $4 a pop and bath towels for $5. Double yay!

Note to my readers in the Philippines: A little birdie told me H&M is coming to Manila this October 2013. Well, hopefully, they bring in the Home stuff too. I'll be first in line for sure. 

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  1. Yey!!!! Didn't know about this, thanks for the info!


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