Saturday, December 18

Crafts/DIY: Custom Destination Bus Rolls

I have been smitten with vintage bus rolls since I saw them on Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy

I again saw a couple more at Z Gallerie.

Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie

I thought that one would be a perfect wall art in our home. But I wanted something something custom for both me and my hubby... something that is meaningful to both of us. We are both beach buddies by nature, and that seemed to be a perfect theme for our very own bus roll. We wanted to use beach names that we went to, and want to go to.

I searched online for customizable bus rolls, and saw it could run to around $150. Hmm, I thought maybe we can just do it myself.

So, we went to Ikea and found their biggest frame - we got the Ribba. I used the frame's size as my guide, and went on to put my good ol' photoshop skills to good use. I used simple fonts, and some paintbrush action to come up with the end result that is kinda similar to the one they sell at Z Gallerie. We then had it printed at Kinko's and put it in the Ribba frame.

Beach Destination Roll


The total cost was about $75. Not at all bad!
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