Friday, December 24

Love: Annual Christmas Ornaments

Memories. Traditions. Special occasions.

There is something about yearly ornaments that makes the Christmas tree extra special. We started the tradition the year when my husband, then boyfriend, proposed. And every year, we try to do something memorable and mark it by putting a symbolic ornament on the tree. We have one for the year he proposed (I got a silver annual gift lockbox ornament and put a replica ring in it), one for when we got married, a few for our trips, and one for our first home. Next year, our tree will have another for our little bundle of joy. :)

Here are a few of 2010 ornaments I found lovely:

"New home" from Carlton Cards Heirloom

Waterford "2010 Times Square" from Bloomingdale's

"Our first Christmas" from Lenox

"Cold cup" from Starbucks

"Expecting Family" from Elizabeth Bonura

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