Wednesday, December 15

Love: Gifted

from Creature Comforts

Last month, the people of Creature Comforts blog launched Gifted magazine - an e-magazine dedicated to holiday giving using crafts, freebies, projects and ideas. I know it's a bit late post for early birds... blame it on the hormones. But there is so much inspiration and style on its pages that it makes me want to get up and redo my Christmas shopping over.

Anyhoo, I found several fabulous diy / ideas that I would like to try sometime - definitely after Christmas (yes, I was one of the early birds who sent Christmas gifts out the door already).

Deer Lanterns: change the insert design,
and it's now perfect for outdoor patio evening parties

Paper Snowflake: for gift embellishments

Fabric Twisties: my favorite!

I can definitely find uses for these during various occasions other than the holiday season.
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