Thursday, December 9

Baby: Sugar and spice, and everything nice

Finding out what our baby was going to be was so exciting for us. The week before our scheduled ultrasound, we already got two different sets of clothes for our little jellybean. We planned to tell our parents just by showing either a girly dress or a little boy pant set, and let them figure it out on their own. We'll just return the wrong one.

Everyone was telling me I looked like I was having a girl. I guess that was a compliment; I read somewhere that pregnant women tend to look better when they are having a baby girl. I do not know how people knew just by looking at me, but they were right. The only people who thought I was going to have a baby boy were my parents-in-law. Well okay, some of my colleagues at work who were just plainly guessing just for the heck of it predicted I was having a boy.

I learned from the internet that there were a lot of fun things you could do to guess what you're having - old wives' tales and such. I tried doing the Chinese gender-predictor chart, found here, which used the mother's Chinese age and the month of conception. It did say I was going to have a girl.

Our 20-week ultrasound told us that we were indeed having a princess. Haha... and so the shopping begins! But that's another story.
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