Friday, December 17

Baby: Move It, Shake It, Kick It

I have been feeling my baby move for a while now. Sometimes, I feel her kicks, sometimes just her twists and turns, and I think just recently her hiccups. Last night, my sister asked me how her movement feels. Let me describe them.

When I experienced her move for the first time, the feeling was similar to my stomach grumbling without the hunger pains. Maybe that was the reason why I did not recognize it in the beginning. I could not tell if I was just hungry or it was the baby. There were also times when the feeling was like a goldfish swimming inside my tummy.

As the weeks passed, her movements became more frequent and more noticeable. They felt like soft, tiny pokes here and there. At times, she does double kicks and stretching, like feeling her move and touching both ends of my tummy. Hiccups are also happening more often now. Those feel like rhythmic bubbles.

My baby moves every time I have a piece of chocolate, or a bite of cupcake. She loves (or maybe hates) the sugar rush... that's why she kicks. I usually feel her kicks at night though when I am relaxing and lying down on the bed.

They all feel awesome... a sign that she's healthy. I know that there will come a time when her kicks will become stronger and soon she might be kicking my ribs. Hmm, I wonder how that will feel like.
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