Sunday, December 26

Baby: Too sweet or not too sweet?

The end of the year marks the season of giving, love ... and lots of desserts. Well, it just so happens that the week of Christmas and New Year is the week when I get tested for gestational diabetes. It is a condition where your body is intolerant to glucose during pregnancy. People say that the additional hormones caused by pregnancy make your body more resistant to insulin.

Anyway, because my pregnancy had me going for an increased craving for chocolates (and other sweets), I was dreading the moment when the doctor would tell me that I could not have any more sugar during the remainder of my pregnancy. 

An hour before I had my test, I had to drink a full bottle of glucose on an empty stomach. The drink tasted like really sweet orange soda. The nurse took 2 vials of blood to give to the lab, and said that they will call me the next day or two and tell me the results.

On day 1, I baked chocolate chip cookies - heavenly. I posted it here. I think I had a couple.

Then on day 2, I made carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting. It was so moist and delicious (I'll post the recipe soon). I know what you're thinking. Hey, can you blame me?

Anyway, they called that afternoon. They said I passed! Yipee! Sweet holiday! I can enjoy the holidays even more.

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