Monday, November 9

Filipino Comfort Food & Emotions

Every time we go to my Lola's place when I was a kid, we always have lunch at Max. It has become one of my favorites. We always order the spring chicken, lumpiang shanghai and sinigang. I remember me and my sister fighting over the last piece of sweet potato fry. Oh, and I always get a side of sugar -- for the sweet potato fries, of course.

In the Philippines, Max is synonymous to Max's fried chicken. But they serve other yummy comfort food like kare-kare (oxtail stew), nilaga (clear beef/pork soup), lumpiang sariwa and all the other delicious Filipino food you can think of.

During Max's 70th birthday bash, we were served the all-time favorites and more. I brought Allie with me, and needless to say, I think that Max's has become her favorite now too. She couldn't stop eating the chicken, fresh lumpia and the sweet potato fries.

We were shown its TVC titled 'Uuwi Sa 'yo' (Coming Home To You), and oh my gosh, I got too emotional. My eyes were suddenly watery. It was probably because of hormone overload. See for yourself and cue the tears. Oh my gosh, I still cry whenever I watch it.

Thank you Max's for having us on your 70th anniversary. May you be forever be in our hearts and our tummies.

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