Tuesday, August 20

Baby: Of Birth Announcements and Family Pictures

I recently posted about Design vs. Love's Baby Collection, and the prints are gorgeous. They reminded me of the time when I had some birth announcements made when Allie was born. Personally, I love giving old-fashioned cards instead of e-cards and emails. I love having to hold something tangible.

Allie was just a few days old when I took photos of her sleeping, smiling while sleeping, awake, and all other states of lying down. I chose a few for the birth announcement folded card.

It seemed just yesterday when I had this made. Time really flies. My baby is now two and a half, and she loves to run, crawl, hide under tables, go up the slide, climb the stairs, try to jump (she can't yet haha), and do everything to test your patience. People say that my little girl is like a little boy in terms of kalikutan. Don't get me wrong, I love watching her do and try things on her own. She's very active.

When she turned one, she was just trying to walk then and it was easy for us to take photos with her. This was taken during her birthday party by a professional photographer.

A few months after, we took a trip to Seattle, and there she enjoyed the grassy parts of Chittenden Locks. Family pictures were getting rarer by that time because she can walk and run alone. But my nephew took this nice shot of us.

Our most recent one is this one taken from a phone (hahaha), by my sister. Allie now knows how to smile when asked. Before, each smile was purely coincidental.

I really should have our family pictures taken more often. I only have a handful, and I think it's not going to be enough. Allie is growing up too fast, and I want to capture moments when we're all together.
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  1. It was so nice to meet you Ging! You're pretty on your pix but these pictures don't give justice to how pretty you are in person ;)

    1. You're too kind Dew. It was nice meeting you too! See you again soon!

  2. Ging,

    Really it was very remember able days for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Happy Family!

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