Tuesday, November 13

Crafts/DIY: Marquee Letters

I first saw these super duper cool marquee letters at Oh Happy Day. It comes with instructions, too. So go ahead and visit their blog site.

via Oh Happy Day

Then, they made a mini version. This animated photo simply took my breath away.

via Oh Happy Day

Here's some commercially available marquee letters from the Land of Nod. Simple, but it makes an impact.

via The Land of Nod

I had it. I just have to make some, too.

It's no secret that my sisters and I have this online slash pop-up shop called Project Happy, and our most recent pop-up shop at World Trade Center Manila was just the perfect event to display these marquee letters.

It was a last minute decision to have some made and add to our shop decor. We wanted so much to spray paint the letters gold, but I left my gold spray paint at my mom's place. So we just grabbed materials that we already have.

[1] Foil sheet letters taped on card stock -- I printed letters on bond paper using Rockwell font.  I used these as templates for the card stock and foil sheets.
[2] Cardstock strips (2" wide)
[3] Martha Stewart's scoring board with
[4] scorer
[5] pencil
[6] pair of scissors
[7] handy dandy box cutter
[8] clear tape
[9] masking tape

We marked the 2" wide white card stock strips down the middle with pencil. Then, we wrapped the foil sheet letters with these strips. This is where the scorer and scoring board come into play. I scored the strips to make folding easier, then secured the backside using masking tape.

Here are the letters my sisters and I made, in all its glory.

I played around with the letters...



Then it was time to go.

Here are the letters at our shop. Tada!

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  1. wonderful job Mommu G! love it!!!! I wish, I wish, I could shop there!

  2. Ever the crafty Mommy G! Idol... ;)

    I saw some ready-made letters being sold at the gift market of Market!Market!. It is made of brown/kraft cardboard. I think you can paint/wrap or do whatever you want to embellish them. I might try this too. ;)

    1. Haha. Thanks Peachy. Wow, I've been looking for some. Sige nga, I'll try to drop by Market! Market! Do you know how much they cost?

  3. Awesome job with the D-I-Y! Love it! :-)


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