Wednesday, November 7

Giveaway: Poppytops Fifty Shades Tees

Okay, bear with me. This is my first giveaway.

So, I guess you heard about that book trilogy from E.L. James right? Hmm, who hasn't? Well, are you a fan? Good news for you. Poppytops and Forty Weeks and then some are giving away a couple of shirts inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey books. One for a lucky reader and another for her friend.

The shirts are made from soft, thick cotton with glittered vinyl print transfer. As of today, it only comes in one size for ladies. The size says large, but that's Filipino standard, but it fits me nicely... US 4/6, UK 8/10. It stretches a bit, too.

Here's a silver glitter "Laters, baby." blue-grey tee with a set of handcuffs at the back.

This would be sooo funny if you're wearing this while inside an elevator. Haha. Silver glitter print on black tee with a set of handcuffs at the back.

My personal favorite. Full gold glitter print of "Keep Calm and Laters Baby" on black tee.

There are more color choices on Poppytops facebook page so make sure to visit.

Just make sure you do the following:
[1] Like Poppytops and Forty Weeks on facebook.
[2] Follow me @gingds on Twitter, and retweet "I want that #poppytops #50shades shirt giveaway. Laters, baby!"
[3] Leave a comment below with your facebook username so we can contact you if you win.
[4] By the way, this is only open for those with Philippine addresses. Sorry, shipping is too expensive for foreign addresses. But hey, if you have friends/relatives living here, you can ask if you can use their addresses.

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  1. I love the elevator one!

  2. I also liked forty weeks and poppy tops on FB!

  3. Joined! A friend of mine convinced me to read the book. If I win, I'll give the other one to her :)

    FB Name: Criselda Pablico-Alano

  4. Borrowed my sister's copy of the book. She'll get the other shirt when I win! :) FB name: Rocel B. Alba-Villasis

  5. Facebook name: Lhai Yboa

    I love the shirts!My sister loves the book and asked ( aka forced ) me to read it too.. and i loved it!

  6. Love it! The trilogy could have been made better but hey, it gets the point across so I'm OK with that...

    Cham Cuartero

  7. Jaja Laure11:17 AM

    Facebook name: Jaja Laure

    Weeeeh.... I've read the trilogy! I'm a huge fan of Christian-Anastasia! =D

  8. i've read the trilogy and i like it :)love the laters, baby shirt :)

    Jacqueline Baluca Canuto

  9. I want the cursive Laters, Baby! :)

    Denise R. Rayala

    1. Hello, Mommy G! Who won here? I hope it's me! ;)



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