Tuesday, November 20

Design: Modern House Numbers

Are you tired of seeing the same house numbers with the same font every single time?

I always have that wow look when a certain house has a different but creative way of showcasing its number. :) Maybe I just don't know where to find cool house numbers in Manila, but it's pretty hard finding them.

This one by Number My House specifically reminds me of the Bernhard Fashion BT font. The starting price is at $12.99 per number. They are made from composite plastic; they won't erode, and better, totally paintable, so you can customize it however you want. Installation is super simple, too. Just peel and stick. No drilling is required. Heehee.

via Number My House

The next one used to be sold by Umbra, but I think not anymore. It's not in their website. But this is genius, manufacturing-wise. Sold at $11 per piece, it comes with a two-sided metal plate with adjustable tabs to customize the numbers.

via Umbra through Uncrate

Well, if you want your DIY sleeves and green thumbs working, here is an idea for you. Grass numbers. You can use metal sheets for the number outlines, and just plant the grass, vertically.

via Potted through Houzz

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  1. I looove the first one the best, although I dont think it will go well with the way my house looks outside. :-)

    1. Vel, your house naman kasi is huge and very classic!! :P

  2. I wish you would not advertise 'number my house' company as it's a total joke of a business model. I don't know why they say they are Calgary based company - they are in Vancouver. Orders takes more than a month to get. Quality is poooor. Customer service is worse. Here is their ridiculous explanation why my numbers were different sizes: the nature of fonts is that rounded numbers are always a little bigger than straight numbers. That is why we make the straight numbers a little smaller than the size ordered, because we know the rounded numbers are bigger.” – how sick it is?!
    I am trying now to return the numbers, but I am guessing I will never get my $80+ back.

  3. Hi Ging, just wanted to address the serious allegations presented by Elena. 1. We custom cut each order and usually ship within 10 days of receiving the order. 2. Some people expect solid metal for these prices, which is very unreasonable. The vast majority of our customers realize that the numbers look great and that's what counts - we've gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback, 3. "Ridiculous explanation" regarding font sizing? All I can say is, take this up with the font designers - they design fonts to look proper on a line - we have no control over that, nor will we make adjustments to standard well recognized fonts that we purchase licenses to use. 4. I see that Elena did not re-post to complete her story. Not only did she receive her refund, before we even got her numbers back, but we also paid her to ship them back, so she actually received 97.97 - more than the 81.97 she paid. We also tried to send the refund, but she had changed her email address, and did not let us know.
    The vast majority of our customers are very satisfied with our product, and the few that have had small issues will agree that we will always take a loss to make things right.

    Thanks for the chance to clear our name, John, Number My House Enterprises Inc


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