Monday, November 19

Design: Details at Sulo Hotel

I found last week to be super draining with family events here and there. That's why I missed blogging as weekend drew to a close. But I am back!

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Anyway, I went with my tita to Sulo Hotel in Quezon City to have a tasting session for my cousin's wedding. I heard Sulo underwent major renovation, and I was excited to see it because the last time I was there, Sulo didn't seem like a nice place to stay. Now that was a long time ago. Here are a few photos for you to see, during our 30-minute visit.

Sulo now reminds me of boutique hotels.

Look at this quaint reading area near the lobby and the dining area.

Looking for a place to lounge? Here is a white sofa with red and purple cushions. Some are glittery too.

They played with a lot of mirrors and ambient lighting. I loved that they used fresh flowers and leaves arranged in a very simple but striking manner.

Their dining area has dark wooden tables and elegant/comfy chairs. I love their shimmery chargers and square plates.

The centerpiece looks so easy to do.

I didn't take photos of the food anymore, because it was a quick visit altogether. Here is their revamped washroom, complete with a dressing area. It was lit with mini chandeliers (wow, right?), black walls simulating mosaic tiles, and again, mirrors.

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  1. Wow! That's Sulo hotel? They did a great job with the renovation!

    1. Yes! Can you believe it? Galing noh?

  2. NICE!

    I miss my former job when I see interiors like these...=(

  3. I'm inlove with their restroom! Thanks for the tour!


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