Wednesday, November 28

Food: Jatujak

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My sister invited us to have a quick merienda at Jatujak in SM Megamall. We've been craving food from the Chatuchak market ever since we got back from Bangkok, and of course, the Thai iced tea, which was super yummy.

We ordered Pho Pia Sod, or vegetarian fresh spring rolls. I forgot how much they cost but according to MunchPunch's Jatujak menu, they're only P115. For that price, I think the serving was pretty good. The sauce had crushed peanuts. Yum!

We also had some Pho Pia, fried spring rolls with glass noodles, minced pork and mushroom, served with some sweet chili sauce (P135). I wasn't a fan of the sauce; it was so much like the ordinary sweet chili sauce that you can buy from the grocery. I was expecting something more authentic. The spring rolls were yummy though.

Okay, I just realized that these two spring rolls remind me of Vietnamese cuisine. I'm not sure if they're even Thai. Haha. But we loved them nonetheless.

Whenever we go to a Thai restaurant, we always order Pad Thai. It is how we know if we are coming back or not. This one's of the chicken variety. It wasn't bad at all for just P175, according to MunchPunch. Even Allie loved it. Okay, she loves anything that has noodles in it, but she loved it still. She kept on asking for more, sans the peanuts.

As for our drinks, we ordered Thai iced tea. They came in tall glasses. But don't let that deceive you.

It's half filled with crushed ice. Well, that's how Thai iced tea is supposed to come in. I guess it's just me hoping it came in bigger sizes. Hahaha!

The verdict? I'll definitely come back. Thanks for the invite, V.

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