Wednesday, November 7

Baby: Halloween Week for Allie

We weren't able to celebrate halloween properly with Allie. I know, I know. Boo me. I promise I'll make it super creative next year. By then, she'll probably enjoy it better.

We did go to her Kindermusik Halloween party. All the kids were wearing costumes. Allie went as Wonderwoman.

It came with a yellow lasso and a yellow headband, but Allie decided she didn't want to wear them. Picky little girl. She wore her silver glittery TOMS with the outfit. Her TOMS is one of her favorite pairs of shoes. Hmm, parang gusto ko na ring bumili ng silver TOMS para pareho kami.

She loved this tulle plaything at KM. Wouldn't let go of it. 

Oh em gee, Wonderwoman. Is that a dinosaur beside you? Super cute kid that little dinosaur, I tell you. He kept on hugging my husband's leg. (lol)

It was a fun day. The class ended with mini cupcakes and whoopie pies. Yummy! Thank you T. Lindie!

Fast forward to a couple of days, we went to my mom's surprise party at A Taste of L.A. I couldn't blog about it because she sometimes reads my posts. Hi Mom! I don't want to be the person who spoiled the surprise noh.

Anyway, we had two months to prepare. That time is nothing if you consider everything else that has been going on. Project launches, townhouse blessing, pop-up shops, mommy duties, etcetera, etcetera. I volunteered to design the invitations. My sister helped with editing the artwork.

Lovely roses. Unedited photo. Swear.

Here is the only picture of us 3 during the party. Allie's weird smile. Haha. Still cute. Lots of people asked, her wrap dress is from DVF x GapKids. Mine's Rodarte for Target. Remember my post about it? I've been wearing it since last year. I reached my target stage one weight after 8 months and 20 pounds. It took soooo looong! I still have to lose about 15 pounds to get to my ideal weight. Haaay, kelan pa kaya yon?

Birthday cake by Ewok & Lizarda Pâtisserie. It was heaven.

We spent the 4-day weekend at my parents' farmhouse --- just by being lazy. Kain, tulog, laro ng Qwirkle and Scattergories. I can't even show you pictures because I didn't take any. I should have taken some photos of my mom's new garden, and her 12 days of Christmas installation, which was still in process. Maybe next time. I had so much fun that it didn't even bother me there was no 3G in our bedroom. It was a much needed rest for me.

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  1. She still is super cute! Yeah, next year for sure, she'll enjoy it more. :-)

    Nice invite but I bet the party was way better! I'm sure your wishing to be here come Dec.1 when Target launches their designer line again. :-) Kainggit naman hanging out in your farm, that place is amazing and I can picture myself lazyin' away a day or two! Belated happy birthday to mom!


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