Thursday, November 1

Deals: The Souq Organics

I know it's Halloween and a four-day weekend at that, but if you happen to have time, try this very good deal from The Souq Organics. Until November 4, they are having their green dot sale where you can get their stuff for up to 70% off.

My pick? Their best-selling Moroccan Argan Oil at 30% off.

I decided to get it to try it out on the problem area on my right upper arm. I have this keratosis pilaris problem that appeared about 2 years ago. I don't have photos for you because I am grossed out by it. Super shy here. But I've been using it for 5 days now, once a day after mild exfoliation, and it is noticeably better. :) I am not sure if it will totally disappear but I'm hopeful.

Anyway, if it doesn't, I can still use the oil for my face or my hair.

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