Monday, October 29

Love: Envirosax

Recently, Quezon City has banned the use of plastic bags in commercial establishments. It's a good start, but I find that the paper bags stores use are harder to reuse and recycle. Most of them are so cheap, they tear apart even before you get to your car. Some don't have a handle, and it's pretty tough to bring them along wherever you're going especially if the things you got are heavy. So, I just try to bring my own reusable bags now.

Wilcon, a popular home improvement store here, was offering free reusable eco bags / canvas bags some time ago for a minimum purchase. I think that it's a great idea rather than having to buy them. But you know, sometimes, these eco bags don't have a way of finding themselves in my bag whenever I need them. They always want to stay inside my car's trunk space. Haha.

Imagine my excitement when a couple of sets of Envirosax bags arrived at my doorstep. Each set has 5 easily foldable bags. One set has a Midnight Safari print, and the other (hopefully for Allie when she's old enough to carry them) has a Sesame Street theme. I can fit them --- neatly --- inside my mommy purse.

Each set comes with a pouch, so everything's neatly organized.

Here is the Midnight Safari print, each bag has a different black and white pattern.

This one is the Sesame Street series, with an Elmo pouch bag. Perfect for Allie because right now, she is undeniably obsessed with Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang.

Each bag is a blow-up portrait of a Sesame Street character. Here's Cookie Monster. My husband used it when he went to 7-11 and bought 6 bottles of Mine Shine milk tea. Cute!

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  1. Cute nung Sesame Series! :) got your email btw, thanks!

    I have an award for you at my blog..

    Hope you find time to visit. :)

    1. Thanks Cris! Love your blog!

  2. Complimentary Envirosax bags? ;)

    1. Yes, they're gifts. Let's just say a friend made it happen. :)

  3. this is great news! I love the sesame street ones! Cute!

    1. It is! I can't wait until Allie's old enough to carry light groceries, so we can go together and she'll be carrying the Elmo bag. Heehee.


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