Sunday, October 28

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

During my twenties, I've always feared of becoming 30. It came and went, and it was no big deal. In fact, I love being in the 30's. I'm already 31 and I am a mom to a 19-month old girl. My body changed when I gave birth.

I know because my wedding dress has a 25-inch waist. Now I can't even fit in my old pair of size 4 pants, although the legs are roomier than before. I still have a bit of the-baby-tummy. I can't get it off, even I already lost 20 pounds after pregnancy. Sometimes, I have to consciously tuck in the baby-tummy. I lose a bit of self-confidence when I realize my baby-tummy's showing. Haha. I know I'm not alone. Come on moms, admit it. *wink*

To all mommies out there, I found a really inexpensive way to hide the-baby-tummy that shows itself when wearing a skirt or a pair of jeans. It's a corset by Wacoal. It helps trim the waist and push the tummy in! Woohoo! It's just priced at P1,450 too. Super win! I know that with this product, I won't feel so self-conscious anymore. You know what they say... 'feel good and look good!'

You can visit Wacoal's website at

This Wacoal's badge says "Be Body Beautiful At Any Age", and that "Wacoal believes that every woman is made beautiful. They understand women's bodies vary, and that every woman's body changes as she ages. As she matures, a woman should exude that charm, boldness and confidence by wearing intimate apparel that truly provide comfort, support and a perfect fit. In complementing a woman's physical transformation, Wacoal offers products anchored on exceptional quality and style innovation, making sure that every woman looks her best at any age."

I agree. I think every woman has a different body-type, and her body changes over time. So it just makes sense that our undergarment sizes change too.

I am glad that a company like Wacoal recognizes this. Thank you, Wacoal.

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  1. Wacoal goes by any ages, the best product that stands as times goes by.


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