Thursday, May 16

Travel: The Loo at Terminal 21

This is the third installment of Terminal 21's themed public restroom. So far, I've posted about their San Francisco Bakery Restroom and the Istanbul Market Restroom. Well, my friends and I were so intrigued about each and every themed floor, we decided to visit these areas as well. It got a bit tiring as we neared our fourth visit though, but let me show you anyway.

This is the public restroom on the London floor. The concept is London's underground transportation, or the tube. The restrooms are very utilitarian. The entrance doors simulated the sliding doors of the subway train. Underground railway system wallpapers covered the stall doors, and if you look at the bottom picture closely, there is even that yellow delineation on the edge of the floor that is similar to the edge of the platform in a subway.

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  1. this is super cool, love the map on the walls and doors!!!


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