Wednesday, May 29

Technology: Logitech Mini Boombox

This is my favorite bluetooth speaker so far. It's tiny. It's loud. It looks good too!

Touchscreen controls that light up on top.

I think it makes a great gift to the techie lover. This is the perfect companion for tablets and phones. My husband has this and we often use it when we watch TV shows on the iPad. It makes a great deal of difference. I always try to leave technology-related stuff alone with my husband. I got him to install our Logitech Harmony remote control (one remote control to manage our entertainment system in the bedroom and living room) and transfer movies to our media player so I can watch in the bedroom. But this bluetooth speaker was so easy to pair, I paired it myself with my phone so I can play music loud enough while I vacuum the floor. I wish we had one of these in every room of our house.

Now available at Project Happy.

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  1. I love our Bosche bluetooth speaker too! Very convenient, and yes very loud. We use it too when we watch our movies outside, which you can imagine, needs pretty loud speakers. When ours break down, may try this one. ;-)

    1. Haha. We can only afford the wired Bose systems. lol. They are the most awesome things.


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