Wednesday, September 26

Home: Jonathan Adler's Capiz Pendant Light

I am so giddy with excitement! Have you guys seen Jonathan Adler's new capiz pendant lighting? It's so beautiful. It looks like a disco ball with grace. It is so Filipino, too.

via Jonathan Adler's instagram

It looks like the capiz pendant light that my mom has at her farmhouse nook but much, much bigger.

Extra! Extra!

Oh, there are a couple more from the entrance.

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  1. saw that! gorgeous lamp! i love, love capiz, in fact, xmas tree this year is gonns be filled with capiz ornaments (got it from Quiapo ilalim whenI was there last). So excited!

  2. Capiz is so lovely not? I bet your tree will look fantastic! I want to go to Quiapo too but I'm still looking for someone to go with me. I am not brave to go there alone. :P


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