Thursday, February 7

Crafts/DIY: Easy Hang

Do you have a hard time pounding a nail on your plywood wall (or concrete wall for that matter) to hang that cute little canvas art you have? I never had a hard time when our house used to have drywalls. But now, most of the walls I encounter are either made from plywood or concrete.

My sister got this cute "You are my sunshine" canvas art for her birthday. Her boyfriend gave it to her. Sweet huh? Well, her room walls are all concrete. So her canvas art pretty much stayed on the floor for about a month.

Enter 3M's Command Picture Hanging Strips. 3M boasts that it can carry up to 16 lbs! You don't need to drill or put nails. No more holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue, they say. Then, if you want to take the art down, it's easy to remove.

Look, the artwork is finally up. Painless and easy to put in place.

Have you discovered some other easy way to hang photos or art?
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  1. Got me some 3m damage-free metal hooks as well! Now i'm collecting frames to put on another wall and I'm planning to use these damage free adhesives. :) No need to ask dad to do it for me!

  2. cool! love the vignette too!

  3. I hoard 3M damage free thingies! bec they can hold anything on the wall (without the after-damage) perfect for condo loving too :)


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