Thursday, July 18

Crafts/DIY: Make Notecards More Special

I've been following Aimee, of iamaimeediego, on Instagram. She usually posts photos of her adorable little girl Tala, and her constant cravings (she has a bun in the oven -- exciting times!). One time, she posted a yummy photo of a green mango. My MIL has a bunch of organic green mangoes from the family farm, and I thought why not send some to Aimee.

I put the mangoes in a cute little basket, and decided to just add in a personal note. I used the very beautiful Isabel Gatuslao paper, which I wrote about here. The black envelope was an opportunity for me to apply what I learned from Fozzy Dayrit-Castro's Calligraphy Play workshop. I used white Speedball ink. Not bad for a first-time white ink user huh?

Isabel Gatuslao's Agador:

Here's a quick photo of us at Global City. :) It was great to finally meet you Aimee!

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  1. Awesome! Wish I had great hand-writing like you!

    1. You're too kind Vel! Thank you.


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