Saturday, July 6

Body: Satsuma Body Polish & Olive Beautifying Oil

I've been using The Body Shop's Satsuma Body Polish and Olive Beautifying Oil everyday. I use the body polish in the shower, and the oil after.

I love the Satsuma Body Polish because it has crushed walnut shells and loofah particles that help scrub off dead skin cells, especially on my shin area. It's a gel-based, foaming scrub so it leaves your skin still squeaky clean. It contains honey, too, to help moisturize and condition your skin. It is gentle enough to be used every day. I also like it because of its scent. The satsuma (or clementine) smell is invigorating. I love using it in the morning because it somehow makes me feel energized and awake. If you love the smell of oranges, you will love this! Ang bango lang niya.

I find that it goes well with The Body Shop's Olive Beautifying Oil. It doesn't have that strong olive scent. It actually has this mild olive smell that does not clash with the clementine. After showering and drying off, I use this all over my body. They call it dry oil (weird right?), and I think it's because it does not leave your skin greasy at all. It is made with a lightweight blend of nut oils that gives your skin hydration and shimmer. The best part if that you can use this to moisturize your face and hair as well.

The Body Shop's Body Polish is also available in Strawberry.
The Body Shop's Beautifying Oils have more scents to choose from:

Olive, Shea, Moringa, Brazil Nut

Mango, Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Chocomania
Sweet Lemon, Strawberry, Satsuma, Pink Grapefruit
I can't wait to try them all. :-)

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