Thursday, December 6

Gifting: Daphne Home Scents for Bench

Okay, I admit. I am an impulsive buyer. And yes, I do get swayed by honest product reviews.

I've always been curious about the Daphne Home Scents for Bench by Daphne OseƱa-Paez, ever since it came out. I've read countless happy comments about all the available scents that time -- Acres of Lavender, Homemade Lemon Tart and Mint Jasmine Infusion. I decided it was time to get some.

A couple of weeks back, we went to Resorts World. I think it was the Nuffnang event for Breaking Dawn's premiere (thank you so much Nuffnang). While waiting for the movie theater to let people in, we went around the mall and passed by a Bench store. I remembered that they carry Daphne Home Scents, so I went in and quickly looked around for them.

I didn't have enough time to sniff the tester scents, so what I did was I just bought all of them. I saw a holiday scent on the shelf, so I got that too. Haha. They were really affordable -- at only P348 a piece.

Look at the packaging. They're all so lovely -- the colors, the prints, the bottles... everything. They make perfect housewarming gifts no? You can even just tie them with a ribbon, and they're ready to go.

After taking out the bottles and the reed sticks (is that what they're called?), I'm left with empty boxes, which I'm inclined to throw away but felt guilty to kasi they're taking up so much space in the trash. I was thinking to reuse them but Allie's yaya threw them away na.

The essential oils in the fragrance were from Grasse, France.

I forgot to put the black bottle cap to make the bottles more presentable. Haha. Oops.

Anyway, my favorite scent of the bunch is Acres of Lavender. The smell is so relaxing and so perfect for sleeping. So I placed it in our bedroom. I really can't get over it every time I go inside our room. It's like getting welcomed by a lavender garden. 

Another scent I opened was Mint Jasmine Infusion, which I put in the family room. The scent is very light, but refreshing nonetheless. Honestly, I think it should be placed in a smaller area so you can enjoy the scent better.

We also tried the holiday scent -- Green Forest Pine. Hmm, my husband and I found it too pine-y for our taste. We tried it for a couple of days, but we really can't get the hang of it. So I closed it again. We were used to the fresh pine Christmas tree in the living room, and not a pine forest. Haha. So, if you fancy Daphne's Green Forest Pine scent, I'm giving mine away. Let me know.

As for the Homemade Lemon Tart, it is still unopened as of today. My Acres of Lavender is almost empty though. I'll try the Homemade Lemon Tart after that. But I've put Daphne Home Scents Acres of Lavender under my wish list. You can never have too many, you know.

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  1. The lavender scent is really calming. Isn't it what they always use in spas? I might buy it. ;)

    1. Yes! This brand smells so good too. :)

  2. I love it when BENCH comes up with these unique tie-ups with celebrities. They just don't make mish-mash products, they really think things thru and come out with great products that goes along with the names of the celebrity-endorser! I love the scents by Lucy Torres and Randy Ortiz and still use them here a lot. Hope, my mom could get me some of these Daphne scents, especially the lavender you recommended! Happy Sunday!


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