Tuesday, December 18

Holiday: Christmas Lights at Ayala Triangle

There is something about seeing Christmas lights that make me feel the spirit of the holidays. Last week, Project Happy was in Ayala Triangle for a quick pop-up shop event. During the last day, I asked my husband to bring Allie so we can all go and see the light show at Ayala Triangle Gardens near the Stock Exchange. It was just beside the Filipinas Heritage Library, where our pop-up shop was located.

On the way to the light show, we saw this huge Christmas tree in front of the restaurant strip. Isn't this a wonderful view? There's a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the concrete jungle.

Here's a panoramic view of the tree. Sigh, I can stay there all night watching the lights and passersby.

One moment it's blue...

Then it turns purple. And so on it goes.

There is this cute "Make It Happen, Make it Makati" sign near the light show. Lots of people were nagpapakuha ng picture. But I was able to grab a quick photo without people.

Before the light show, hundreds gather near the arched walkway at Stock Exchange.

Then the magic started. Holiday music filled the air. The lights were synchronized with the music. Light globes danced. Laser lights adorned the floor, the artificial smoke and the ceiling. Strobe lights flashed. Colors changed.

 We were amazed.

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  1. Until when is the light show? I want to bring my toddler as well :)

    1. It's until the 30th. 6-9 pm every 30 minutes.

  2. There is nothing like Christmas back home... sigh... thanks for sharing these pics and glad you're enjoying. :-)


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