Friday, December 28

Holiday: A Very Merry Christmas

We spent the long holiday weekend at the farm. Our road trip started Saturday morning. It was pretty smooth sailing on the way there except for a couple of traffic jams. We still ended up making it in time for lunch.

We stayed at the guest house (and not at the loft of the master bedroom), mainly because it was just our immediate family who is staying. So there's space in the guest house. I must say it was way more comfortable. And less awkward. And cooler. And more peaceful.

Or so I thought.

There was a party held for the workers that first night. My mom's year-long project was done. She had a "12 days of Christmas" light display done all over the garden. The one nearest the main house was that of the 12th day -- about the drummers.

My mom had a feast prepared for the workers, complete with lechon (roasted suckling pig) and caldereta (stew -- oh em gee, it was sooo good!). Her 12 days project was all lit up. I took a few more pictures, as I figured I will just take them the next day when there was no crowd anymore.

Swans by the pond.

Our day started very early that day, and we slept very late the night before, so we were dead tired at 8 pm. We decided to call it a night and went into the guest house. Allie slept with the grandparents in the main house, so it was just us in the guest house bedroom. While Daddy E was looking for somewhere to charge his gadgets, out came hopping a teeny tiny frog. Eek! It was on the wall screen. We didn't know what to do. We were a couple of urban jungle junkies, and frogs don't rock our world. Haha. I went out and asked for help. God knows I can't sleep when I know that a tiny frog is out loose in our bedroom. Can you? Kuya Ron (one of the workers) easily caught it with his bare hands and let it go outside. Ang galing.

All the glass doors around the room were shut, as well as the roller blinds. While trying to sleep (I think it was around 11 pm), we heard a loud boom/bang, whatever you call it -- and the air conditioner and the lights (all 12 days of it) were turned off. Yes, folks, the huge transformer on the road was broken. I was grateful it was December, and the air was cool enough not to have any a/cs on. After an hour or so, I woke up, suddenly remembering that I forgot to bring one gift! Yikes. I had a backup gift, kaya lang I still had to get it from the nearest mall. So plans were made for the morning, thinking that it would take a while for the electricity folks to fix the problem.

Sure enough, the next morning, we had no electricity. So off we went to the mall and bought the backup gift. We bought na rin a small gift for Allie. It's this dragon bubble maker wand that she always held on to whenever we go inside Toy Kingdom. I'm sure you mommies and daddies out there with toddlers know what I am talking about. Daddy E got a white hat to use for the 'Prom Night' Christmas party theme at my in-laws' on Christmas day. I took my time going around the Ladies' wear section at SM getting clothes here and there to try on. Ang sarap palang mag shop sa SM nang walang tao! Every one was on the second floor in the toy section. You can hear kids having fun, some were crying too.

When we came back to the farm, my brother and sister just arrived from Manila. Aside from the mall trip, it was a pretty lazy afternoon. We just ate and slept and ate again. I probably gained a few pounds and it wasn't Christmas yet. Oh yeah, still no electricity, but they turned on the generator, so it was okay. At least the lights, the fridge and the water heater were working. Allie was still happy.

That night, in the bedroom of the guest house, we had an unwelcomed guest (yet again). I screamed when I saw it on the wall near the bathroom door. The workers probably heard me. It was a HUGE spider! It's not the small spider with thin, long legs you know. But it's not as big as a tarantula. Think the middle. It took us 30 minutes (or more), two tries, lots of screaming and lots of courage (from dear hubby, lol) to catch the spider using an empty transparent box and get it outside. Hahaha!

I think I can't take any more unwelcomed guests in our room. (lol) I would have had a heart attack had I seen a snake inside the room. I will gladly sleep inside the car right then and there.

Come Christmas eve, there was electricity already, although only temporary power. That means still no a/c and all the 12 days lights can't be turned on. Bummer.

After breakfast, my sister and I went to the garden and did a photo session for Project Happy. We didn't even bother moving the two grapefruits on the table at the garden. Haha.

Looking around, I realized there were so many Christmas trees. Well, there are no pines in this farm, but it doesn't mean there can't be Christmas trees here.

The drummer was placed on the main Christmas tree we had last year. It's prettier at night.

Some more trees...

With orange ornaments. They may be red. I'm not sure.

And yet another one. Oh, what a lovely poinsettia.

I prepared some instant Pad Thai for merienda, because we were going to hear mass during our usual dinner time. I made arroz a la cubana (special request from the hubby) when we came back from church.

While waiting for midnight, we watched Taken 2. We were so into the movie that we almost forgot the time! Haha.

We had some family photos taken near the drummer.

Look at Allie. She looks surprised. Haha.

Aww. Poor kid. She looked confused.

For the most part, I love going to my parents' farm. But Allie always ends up getting tons of mosquito bites, and she is allergic to them -- they get really big after a while. It was during those days that she got the most bites. She looked like a polka dot doll. Sigh. My poor baby. She was so kawawa.

We left Christmas morning -- after breakfast, so we can catch the afternoon/evening party at my in-laws.

The theme was 'Prom Night' and ladies were supposed to wear cocktail dresses. I was wearing my mint green one-shoulder BR Monogram dress, with a gold rope belt. Allie wore a cute shimmery fuchsia dress, white tights and matching fuchsia glitter mary janes. Yes she is wearing a tiny crown. Haha. Daddy E was so decided to win this year's costume that he completed his look with a vest, a bow tie, a white hat and a shawl. He said 'isn't this the way young guys dress up for the prom?' Uhmm. Well, we won by popularity vote. Ka-ching!

I photoshopped Allie's mosquito bites here.

But then again, I figured, nah, it takes away a bit of the story.

 I hope your holiday weekend was filled with joy and adventure too.
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  1. Gorgeous family pic Mommy G!!! And of course, your holidays a blast, as expected, in the Philippines. I'm back again after a long hiatus, hay naku, mega busy, and also so affected by the recent shootings here in the states. Have a wonderful new year dear!!!!Mwah!

    1. Thank you Vel. I hope you and your family had a great Christmas too. I can just imagine how busy you are. HAppy new year too! :)

  2. Happy New Year Mommy G! This answered my question where Allie got her mosquito bites when I saw your initial photos of the "prom night"! Hope it will go away soon! :)

    1. Happy New Year too Rochelle! Kawawa no? The bites are getting smaller though. :)


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