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Drink: Mimosa Recipes

Back in the corporate world, the ad agency I used to worked for always served mimosas during special occasions. That's 10 o'clock on a Friday morning. Haha.

Mimosas are bubbly drinks that have two basic ingredients: bubbly base (sparkling wine or champagne) and orange juice. That's to us ordinary people. But for the pros, mimosas have one more ingredient, and that is the triple sec.

I read somewhere that mimosas are not about how expensive your champagne is, but it's the kind of orange juice (or any fruit juice) you have. If you ask me, my favorite orange juice is Tropicana, and I always use that or go fresh. I figured mimosas would be a good addition to any party. Here's a collection of mimosa recipes that I'm sure you'll like. Enjoy!
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[1] Basic Mimosa from -- half champagne, sparkling wine, cava or prosecco + half orange juice + a splash of triple sec

[2] Rachael Ray's Mimosa from The Food Network -- 1 part orange juice + 3 parts champagne + splash of triple sec + orange peel garnish

[3] Pineapple Mimosa from That's the Spirit -- 2 parts pineapple juice + 3 parts champagne + pineapple spear for garnish

[4] The Perfect Mimosa from Esquire -- 2 parts orange juice + 3 parts Brut champagne
   * For a 5 oz drink -- add 1/2 tsp grenadine for Buck's Fizz; or add 1 tsp of Grand Marnier for a true mimosa

[5] Mango Mimosa adapted from Country Living -- 2 parts mango puree + 3 parts champagne (Mumm Napa or Brut Prestige) + skewered mango cubes for garnish

For mocktails, replace alcohol with sparkling white grape juice or ginger ale.

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