Friday, December 14

Food: Yabu at Robinson's Magnolia

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The first time I went to Robinson's Magnolia was for a business lunch, and we ended up eating at Yabu. It wasn't the first time I had Yabu though. I usually eat at their Megamall outlet. What I didn't realize was super lapit lang pala ng Robinson's Magnolia from work.

We arrived pretty early. Note the empty tables.

I always order their Tonkatsu set. Rosu (pork loin) 90g is my usual. I tried Hire (pork tenderloin) before, but I prefer my tonkatsu a bit fatty. Well, I think the fat makes it taste better. Agree?

I love the simple details at Yabu. Look at their simple logo and type.

Wet towels on a black oval dish.

The condiments on one side. I love the white ceramics.

The black and natural (?) sesame seeds for crushing. Yes, you crush your own then put the tonkatsu sauce in. So yum!

Here's my plate. Look. They even top the Japanese rice with black sesame seeds.

What I can say is that Yabu's tonkatsu is breaded lightly so that the pork loin is highlighted. The meat is thick and seasoned very well. It comes with a generous serving of shredded cabbage, which can be refilled should you wish so, and a bit of horseradish sauce to give it a kick.

All I can say is -- thank you for the wonderful meal Yabu. You complete me. Hahaha.

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  1. I am dying to try Yabu! Their tonkatsu looks dreamy!

  2. Let's eat there tomorrow!


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