Wednesday, January 19

Capture: Maternity Series

Even before I got pregnant, I already looked into maternity shots posted by professional photographers. One post from Ohdeedoh had me at hello.

I was so amazed by this one dude's creativity that I wanted a maternity series of my own too. Here's another one of his maternity series.

We only had so little time to spare and a minuscule budget; so my husband and I decided to just do it ourselves. Armed with our Canon S90 and few editing techniques, we were ready to go. I would have used my bigger camera here but since my husband is the one taking pictures, I said okay to the point-and-shoot.

Granted I do not have the photogenic quality of the photographer's wife, nor does my husband the photographer's skills, I think we've done the best we could have to capture each week of my pregnancy and highlight a major event that happened that week.

We still have around 9 photos and around 9 more pounds to go; but here are some of the pictures I like most.

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