Friday, January 7

Freebie: Wise & Tweet Dice from Moleskine

Did you know that Moleskine has a free template page on their website?

There is a section in there called "Print, Cut, Paste and Play"; it has the templates for a really cool diy dice - the wise and tweet dice. But I think it's more fun if you customize the text using the blank die template.

Once you print, cut and paste, then you can play. You can roll the final 12-faced die, which will suggest "a simple but unusual action" like "Sing a pop song as loud as you can" or "Try a new recipe and post it on your blog". Isn't that fun?

Their page includes other templates for your Moleskines, like planning templates and city walks that you can print out.  Thank you Moleskine!

Wise Dice

Tweet Dice

Here is an example of a blank dice that was customized.

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