Thursday, July 12

Travel: Shopping in Thailand

What started as a spontaneous Bangkok adventure between one of my sisters and I ended up as a group shopping trip with both my sisters, my mom and my aunt. We got lucky we all snatched the same flights despite having to book weeks apart.

Two in the beginning --

-- five in the end.

What a shopping experience it was. We arrived at Bangkok late at night, at the hotel by 1-ish in the morning. The very next day, we went shopping to catch their weekend market, Chatuchak. Chatuchak is very similar to the bargain shops in Divisoria (Manila) sans the air conditioning. It was very hot and humid -- very much like Manila. We enjoyed every moment of it nonetheless.

We started at around 10am; there were still a few people. After lunch, the number of shoppers multiplied tenfold. But that did not stop us from shopping. Well, nothing can stop us from shopping! Haha.

We found some interesting stuff for sale.

(Top L-R) Flower hair clips, Vintage typewriter and London telephone booth decor, white bird cages
(Bottom L-R) Hanging lights, brass graphic necklaces, green mangoes

We went to Platinum Fashion Mall the next day. This one is similar to Greenhills (Manila). They have their own stalls in an air conditioned mall. It's a little bit more expensive than Chatuchak, and you will find mostly clothes here. Lots and lots of clothes. It's a shopping heaven for the fashionistas out there. You won't feel icky after a full day of shopping unlike in Chatuchak. I guess that made up for the higher prices.

There's a tuk tuk service area outside the mall. The tuk tuk is a motorized tricycle, and can fit 2 passengers comfortably.

We stayed at a hotel 10 minutes away from the Platinum, so it wasn't a surprise that we went again the next afternoon after doing a bit of the touristy stuff I posted about yesterday.

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  1. I wonder what you actually bought?! They say it's cheaper there still than in Manila, but I guess, with the type of shopping mall you wnet to, it may even, even out. I'm sure though, you had a blast with your close family around. :-)

    1. Haha, Vel. I got mostly clothes, tops to be specific. My sisters got dresses too. If you compare clothes with the same quality, it's actually cheaper to buy in Platinum Mall than in Manila. I'll post pictures of the clothes soon. It was a tad bit hard to find dresses to fit my balakang size. LOL. The Thais are too tiny, I swear.


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