Friday, July 6

Food: The Rock's Brown Sugar Mozz Bread

OMG. I was browsing my photos this morning and there I found this.

It was serendipitous that we went out for lunch near UW in Tacoma, WA, and my nephew brought up that he wanted pizza.

We went to The Rock Wood Fired Pizza.

We were having a late lunch, so we were forced to order a la carte instead of their pizza buffet -- and there we ordered their Brown Sugar Mozz Bread -- a fortunate discovery.

According to The Rock's menu, it is garlic dough topped with brown sugar and mozzarella, then baked in their brick oven. When they serve it, it came with a strawberry dipping sauce. This is one of their appetizers, but I would order this for dessert. Super yummy! We ordered another round.

Here are other photos of The Rock at Tacoma.

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