Tuesday, July 17

Food: Naan n Curry

It was a perfect day in San Francisco. I was out with my family to meet my high school friend near Union Square.

Of all the times I have been to San Francisco, I can't believe I've never been to that area. Lame!

So anyway, it was lunchtime, and my nephew suggested we try out Naan n Curry at O'Farrell. It didn't disappoint.

It was not a fancy schmancy place. Just straight-to-the-point good Indian/Pakistani buffet for a really low price -- $10 for lunch I think. The interior was a bit too dark for my taste.

Vegetable abundance.

My favorite? Their Chicken Biryani. It is no doubt my favorite Indian food. One of my colleagues in the agency before was from a place in India and he swears that it has the best Chicken Biryani in the world. I would love to go and just try that.

The Chicken Biryani is another score to my perfect place. Do you know any good Chicken Biryani recipe?

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  1. I love Indian food, but all I can cook, is a plain jane chicken curry. :-(

    1. Lol, I love plain jane chicken curry too. Try green curry chicken. It's yummy too.


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