Saturday, January 7

Design: #1forfun

Image from Our Awesome Planet

The Department of Tourism and BBDO Guerrero recently launched a tourism branding campaign here in the Philippines. Of course, it is just one step to fully minimize the bad impression -- and experience -- tourists have on the country (read Daphne's blog entry about it here). There are probably five thousand more steps to go. Yeah, it's that bad... but one can always be optimistic right?

Here are the initial campaign banners from the official campaign website.

Aren't they fun?

Here are the unofficial campaign banners.

Of course there was backlash against it. Some said that the campaign was just a copycat of what Switzerland did 60+ years ago. I looked and looked, albeit over the Internet only. I only found this link.

Image from Vintage Ads

I think it was purely coincidental.

Oh well, you can't please everyone.

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