Tuesday, January 31

Crafts/DIY: A Pull String Candy Confetti (aka Piñata)

I'm just brimming with ideas to make Allie's birthday party celebration enjoyable.

My baby still can't walk by herself, but I think she'll enjoy watching kids having loads of fun breaking a piñata.

I saw a cute DIY piñata from John and Sherry's blog, Young House Love, where they made a papier maché for their daughter's first birthday party.

Image via Young House Love

If you're crafty enough, here's a lovely piñata that can also be used for weddings. Jump to Kate Landers Events' blog for the complete step-by-step instructions. It also makes use of papier maché, so it does take a few days to do.

Image via Kate Landers

Here's another diy-able piñata idea. It's from Confetti System.

Image via Confetti System

Here's a cute one. You can reuse old cereal boxes to make mini piñatas, and give them as favors to kids. Surprise them with their own treats inside. Follow the instructions on Oh Happy Day (gotta love that blog!).

Image via Oh Happy Day

I can't wait to do one for Allie's party.

Have you ever diy'ed a piñata?
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  1. Wow, I'll never look at a pinata the same way again!

  2. Aren't they inspiring to to do? :)


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