Thursday, January 5

Family: Christmas at the Farmhouse

We celebrated Christmas eve at my parents' farmhouse. It was our first one together complete since 2006. It was also baby Alyssa's first ever Christmas.

One of the live evergreens in the farmhouse was decorated as one of the Christmas trees. There were fabric buntings too, and Christmas star lanterns (parol) at each of the structures. Here, you can see the lantern on the right-most -- that's the chapel. There's another at the guest house, and two more at the main house.

There were capiz lanterns put on the mango trees surrounding the house.

The live Christmas tree up close.

Alyssa got the most gifts, obviously. Look at her more interested at my Mom's purse. Guess there's money in there -- hah! :p

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  1. Wow, all those lights look beautiful!


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