Saturday, January 21

Party: Kiddie Party Suppliers - Photographers

Documenting a first birthday celebration, no matter how small it is, is very important to me. So, for Allie's first birthday celebration, we decided to get a professional kiddie event photographer.

Here is a list of Metro Manila kiddie party photographers I shortlisted from a huge list, complete with updated contact information and a sample of their work.

Have any of you tried any of them? Who's your favorite?

1. Ging Lorenzo - E: | C: +63917-852-5938 | Blog link
      Kiddie party rates start at P9,000

2. Ces Kasilag - C: +63917-540-7496 / +63922-823-7566

3. Michelle Morelos - E:  | Facebook link 
   Kiddie party rates start at P5,000

4. Donna Tavora - E: | C: +63922-882-8672 | Facebook link
   Kiddie party rates start at P7,000

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