Saturday, March 1

Event: Wicked in Manila

Wicked is probably my favorite musical of all time. So when the guys at Concertus Manila brought them here, we bought our tickets immediately. We settled with a Friday night show, so we can watch it with our folks (they are usually out of town during the weekends). We left early and braved the traffic. We got there just in time to get a quick dinner right before the show.

It has been a while since I've been to CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) so I was surprised that there were tons of restaurants across the side street near the marina. You can get your food from this area.

Funny too, because you can spot those who were going to watch the musical. People in fast food restaurants were wearing evening clothes, not evening gowns and tuxes, but little dresses, jackets and pants, that sort of thing.

That night, Visa had a photo booth area. They were offering free photos for each Visa cardholder. I heard promotions differ each night. My tita went another night and they were given witch hats.

Bottom photo grabbed from vsunday's IG

We also took some photos at the lobby --

... and inside too. Don't worry it was right before the show started. I was soooo glad I didn't hear anyone singing near us.

The stage was exactly like the one we watched in NC.

After the show, we went and got dessert at Diamond Hotel -- awesome truffle fries and salted caramel ice cream, by the way. My sister got lucky and she was able to have her picture taken with Fiyero (outside CCP), Glinda and Elphaba (at Diamond Hotel). Lucky, lucky girl.

Photo grabbed from rypaulvillanueva's IG
Well, one thing's for sure. We'll never tire of watching Wicked. If you haven't watched yet, you have 8 days left. Hurry and get your tickets now from Ticketworld.
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  1. Love WICKED and surprisingly my hubs and kids did too! Favorite song for sure is "Defying Gravity"! Glad you had fun!


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