Sunday, March 23

SM Kids' Fashion Summer Clothes

Manila's cold spell started last November. Well, when I say cold spell, it just means high 70s. I think this weather is perfect. Dry, cool and a bit windy. I know though that summer is just around the corner, peeking through once in a while. Every parent who has a toddler knows how often we have to get bigger sized clothes for our tots. They grow up so quickly. Like Allie for example -- I just bought her this shirt a couple of months ago; she used it a couple of times and now, it won't even fit her head.

What's a mom gotta do? Buy more clothes.

I've always been a fan of SM Kids' Fashion. Their stuff is unbelievably affordable, comfy and stylish. I chanced upon getting a sneak preview of their latest brands and styles at Shine Bakery in SM Aura , and I am so excited to start shopping for Allie (one of the perks of having a daughter is I get to dress her up!).

Their lineup of kids' brands now include Nautica, Elle and Maui & Sons.

If I get to pick my favorite set from the bunch, it has to be the gingham summer dresses. I think I'm buying a ton for Allie. I hope they have sizes for her. So cute no?

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  1. I agree! It's super cute, Allie would make a super adorable model!

  2. I also love those gingham dresses! I agree, it's a joy to dress up your kids!


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